Eslam G. AbdAllah

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Information-centric networking (ICN) is a new communication paradigm that focuses on content retrieval from the network regardless of storage location or physical representation of this content. In ICN, securing the content itself is much more important than securing the infrastructure or the end-points. To achieve the security goals in this new paradigm,(More)
Information Centric Networking (ICN) is a new communication paradigm for the upcoming Next Generation Internet (NGI). ICN is an open environment that depends on in-network caching and focuses on contents rather than infrastructures or end-points as in current Internet architectures. These ICN attributes make ICN architectures subject to different types of(More)
Connected vehicles utilize various communication types that take place between different entities such as vehicle, infrastructure, cloud, and mobile. Connected vehicles have sensors and Electronic Control Units (ECUs) that perform in-vehicle communications, and they communicate with the other entities using cellular, vehicular, and wireless networks. These(More)
Cloud computing provides an opportunity for individuals and organizations to extend their capabilities by offering elastic computing resources. Trust is a major challenge in cloud computing. With trust, cloud users (trustees) can select the best available resources from cloud service providers (trustors) who in turn can evaluate users' behaviors and(More)
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