Esko Hyvärinen

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Habitat loss, fragmentation, and declining habitat quality have created an extinction debt in boreal forests, which could be partly reversed by deliberately improving the habitat quality in managed areas outside reserves. We studied the effects of green-tree retention and controlled burning on red-listed and rare, deadwood-dependent (saproxylic) beetles in(More)
An apparatus was designed for mechanical compression of cultured articular cartilage explants with acylindrical plain-ended loading head (diameter 2-5 mm) driven by a stepping motor. A load cell under the culture dish was applied for feedback regulation utilizing a microprocessor-based control unit. The operating programs allowed either continuous or cyclic(More)
In this paper, we introduce an ECG measurement, analysis and transmission system which uses a mobile phone as a base station. The system is based on a small-sized mobile ECG recording device which sends measurement data wirelessly to the mobile phone. In the mobile phone the received data is analyzed and if abnormalities are found part of the measurement(More)
If hot spots for different taxa coincide, priority-setting surveys in a region could be carried out more cheaply by focusing on indicator taxa. Several previous studies show that hot spots of different taxa rarely coincide. However, in tropical areas indicator taxa may be used in selecting complementary networks to represent biodiversity as a whole. We(More)
The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List Index (RLI) is recognized as one of the key indicators of trends in the status of species. The red-list assessment done by Finnish authorities of species in Finland is taxonomically one of the most extensive national assessments. We used the Finnish Red Lists from 2000 and 2010 to calculate(More)
Controlled cardiac rehabilitation has shown to be an effective and cost-efficient form of treatment. However, it could be supported by technology. We used a scenario-based method to approach the issue and to consider it from the technical perspective. We also tried out signal processing methods in rejection of artifacts and quantization of ECG features from(More)
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