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Hox genes are thought to participate in patterning the anteroposterior (a-p) axis during vertebrate embryogenesis. In this investigation, the spatial expression of six Hoxb genes was analyzed in early embryos of Xenopus laevis by in situ hybridization. Hoxb gene expression was first detected in late gastrulae/early neurulae, by which stage, the(More)
Retinoids (vitamin A and its metabolites) are suspected of regulating diverse aspects of growth, differentiation, and patterning during embryogenesis, but many questions remain about the identities and functions of the endogenous active retinoids involved. The pleiotropic effects of retinoids may be explained by the existence of complex signal transduction(More)
Here we describe experiments detailing the developmental expression, and the inducibility by all-trans retinoic acid (RA) of six members of the Xenopus Hox-2 complex of homeobox-containing genes. We first report the cloning and characterisation of two novel Xenopus Hox-2 genes (Xhox2.7 and Xhox2.9), and provide evidence that the six genes studied are indeed(More)
—Based on a model of a parallel vector computer with a shared memory, its scalability properties are derived. The processor-memory interconnection network is assumed to be composed of crossbar switches of size b œ b. This paper analyzes sustainable peak performance under optimal conditions, i.e., no memory bank conflicts, sufficient processor-memory bank(More)
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