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Notes on 113 fungal taxa are compiled in this paper, including 11 new genera, 89 new species, one new subspecies, three new combinations and seven reference specimens. A wide geographic and taxonomic range of fungal taxa are detailed. In the Ascomycota the new genera Angustospora (Testudinaceae), Camporesia (Xylariaceae), Clematidis, Crassiparies(More)
The large, white milkcaps of Lactifluus section Piperati are well known in the northern hemisphere. Historically, there was extensive debate about the number of European representatives and the diagnostic characteristics that delimit the species. Combining a morphological approach with a phylogenetic study, we aimed to resolve the problems in this section(More)
Habitat fragmentation can affect plant population characteristics and plant traits, which in turn can change biotic interactions, such as plant–insect interactions. Because of this, habitat fragmentation can affect reproductive success and survival of both the plant and seed predators, especially when the predator is rare and specialized. This study focuses(More)
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