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This paper explores the changing role of world regions (North America, EU15, South EU, Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), Former-USSR, Latin America, Asia Pacific and the Middle East) in science from 1981 to 2011. We use bibliometric data extracted from Thomson Reuter’s National Science Indicators (2011) for 21 broad disciplines, and aggregated the data into(More)
This paper develops an analytical framework, namely the concept of entrepreneurial propensity of innovation systems by integrating knowledge intensive entrepreneurship (KIE) and innovation system (IS) concepts. It first uses a composite index methodology to measure knowledge intensive entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial opportunities at the national level.(More)
We propose an extension of watershed segmentation to color images. PDE-based regularization is considered prior to the extraction of watershed contours in order to avoid the inherent oversegmentation problem. Several PDEs are implemented and tested in terms of their efficiency as a preprocessing block of watershed segmentation. We have also implemented the(More)
A person recognition system based on individuals’ hand images is proposed. Hand images of subjects are taken by a flatbed scanner without any constraint on the pose and accessories. Captured data is registered to a normalized pose by rotation and translation of the whole hand and seperately individual fingers. Various set of features are extracted such as(More)
In the knowledge intensive context, firms’ capacity to integrate external and internal sources of knowledge becomes an important competitive advantage and may distinguish entrepreneurial from conservative firms. This paper explores the proposition that differences in strategic entrepreneurial orientation (EO) across firms may be significantly determined by(More)
This paper discusses why we need theory and metrics of technology upgrading. It critically reviews the existing approaches to technology upgrading and motivates build-up of theoretically relevant but empirically grounded middle level conceptual and statistical framework which could illuminate a type of challenges relevant for economies at different income(More)
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