Esfandiar Eslami

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In this paper we introduce some types of filters in a BL algebra A, and we state and prove some theorems which determine the relationship between these notions and other filters of a BL algebra, and by some examples we show that these notions are different. Also we consider some relations between these filters and quotient algebras that are constructed via(More)
In this paper we first analyze some state of the art methods for text summarization. We discuss what the main disadvantages of these methods are and then propose a new method using fuzzy logic. Comparisons of results show that our method beats most methods which use machine learning as their core.
BL-algebras have been invented by P. Hájek [3] in order to provide an algebraic proof of the completeness theorem of “Basic Logic” (BL, for short) arising from the continuous triangular norms, familiar in the fuzzy logic framework. The above notion is generalized to an algebraic system in which the required conditions are fulfilled (Definition 2.1). Filters(More)