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We introduce a comprehensive study of fuzzy geometry in this paper by first defining a fuzzy point and a fuzzy line in fuzzy plane geometry. We consider the fuzzy distance between fuzzy points and show it is a (weak) fuzzy metric. We study various definitions of a fuzzy line, develop their basic properties, and investigate parallel fuzzy lines. © 1997(More)
In this paper we introduce some types of filters in a BL algebra A, and we state and prove some theorems which determine the relationship between these notions and other filters of a BL algebra, and by some examples we show that these notions are different. Also we consider some relations between these filters and quotient algebras that are constructed via(More)
With the proliferation of the Internet and the huge amount of data it transfers, automatic text summarization is becoming more important. In this paper we first analyze some state of the art methods to text summarization., We also try to analyze one of the previous text summarization methods, "Machine learning Approach", and eliminate its shortcomings(More)