Eser Gemikonakli

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The increase on the demand of IT resources diverted enterprises to the use of costly physical servers. However, besides cooling and power cost, most of the times, physical servers are poorly utilized. Server virtualization is a way of better utilizing such resources and reducing power consumption. In this paper, a performance model for two virtual servers(More)
In this study, we aim to analyse the relationship between various characteristics of a communication system with data and voice call requests. Queuing theory and Markov chain analysis are effectively used for this purpose. Such a study is useful for understanding how the proposed mathematical models behave which represents a system with integrated voice and(More)
This study presents models for management of voice and data traffic and new algorithms, which use call admission control as well as buffer management to optimise the performance of single channel systems such as wireless local area networks in the presence of mobile stations. Unlike existing studies, the new approach queues incoming voice packets as well as(More)
Service and Buffer Management techniques can be used to ensure Quality of Service (QoS) for different traffic flows according to some specific policies. In this study, a single buffer queuing system is considered to model single and multi-channel, homogeneous wireless network systems such as wireless local area networks (WLANs) and cellular networks. These(More)
In this paper we present a structure for Network Monitoring based on a connectionist inference model based on graph theory operating in conjunction with an information base to create a self-managing system in order to automatically detect and analyse network problems, and take necessary corrective actions. Identifying malfunctions in networks is challenging(More)
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