Escarlata López

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INTRODUCTION Radiotherapy outcomes might be further improved by a greater understanding of the individual variations in normal tissue reactions that determine tolerance. Most published studies on radiation toxicity have been performed retrospectively. Our prospective study was launched in 1996 to measure the in vitro radiosensitivity of peripheral blood(More)
Topical anti-inflammatory drugs decrease eosinophil infiltration. This action may be due to an effect on the release of epithelial cell products responsible for promoting eosinophil survival. We investigated the effect of fluticasone propionate, budesonide, beclomethasone dipropionate and nedocromil sodium on the release of granulocyte/macrophage(More)
BACKGROUND Aberrant global DNA methylation is shown to increase cancer risk. LINE-1 has been proven a measure of global DNA methylation. The objectives of this study were to assess the association between LINE-1 methylation level and bladder cancer risk and to evaluate effect modification by environmental and genetic factors. METHODS Bisulphite-treated(More)
Reporting of the outcome of radiotherapy is not satisfactory without a description of the treatment-related side effects. The purposes of this paper were: (1) to evaluate the frequency and the severity of collateral skin reactions in a group of breast cancer patients; (2) to report the acute reactions using some current scoring systems and to compare the(More)
To determine whether the apolipoprotein E (APOE) epsilon 4 allele is a risk factor of drug-induced hallucinations in nondemented patients with Parkinson's disease (PD), the proportions of patients with hallucinations in groups with and without the APOE epsilon 4 allele were compared with a chi 2 test. The contribution of the APOE epsilon 4 allele to the(More)
OBJECTIVE Scalp metastases of meningiomas seldom have been reported. Here, we report a series of 4 cases of this rare event and discuss the relevant potential risk factors. METHODS We performed a retrospective review of patients treated for scalp metastases of meningiomas at our institution. A literature review was performed for the terms "scalp(More)
  • Torres Lear, Velasco Ortega, Vera P Pautas De Mantenimiento, Profesional Patología, Periimplantaria Volumen, Prevención +29 others
  • 2015
A. Técnicas de higiene oral adaptadas a la prótesis sobre implantes. A. Craniocervical posture and trigeminal nerve mechanosensitivity in subjects with a history of orthodontic use: a cross-sectional study. multicenter evaluation of extraction socket preservation comparing two bovine xenografts: clinical and histologic outcomes. Fracture resistance of(More)
INTRODUCTION Chronic daily headache (CDH) includes primary headaches that last more than four hours with a frequency equal or superior to 15 days a month over the last three months. It has a prevalence of 4-5% in the general population and is a frequent reason for visiting the physician in headache units. AIM To evaluate the effectiveness of topiramate,(More)
Purpose: The purpose of this study was to determine whether the distribution of sensitivities in breast cancer patients, measured using a DNA damage assay on lymphocytes, is likely to provide sufficient discrimination to enable the reliable identification of patients with abnormal sensitivities. Material and methods: Radiosensitivity (x) was assessed in 226(More)