Esbjerg Jørgensen

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In 231 patients resuscitated from circulatory arrest of cardiovascular or pulmonary aetiology brain recovery was evaluated by serial neurological and EEG examinations for up to 1 year. One-hundred and sixteen patients never regained consciousness; 115 patients awakened within 30 days, and 40 eventually recovered completely within 90 days. Patients who had(More)
Markov decision processes (MDP) with finite state and action space have often been used to model sequential decision making over time in dairy herds. However, the length of each stage has been at least 1 mo, resulting in models that do not support decisions on a daily basis. The present paper describes the first step of developing an MDP model that can be(More)
Ninety-six pigs, half females and half castrated males from 12 litters, were housed in 24 groups of four litter mates. From an age of 115 days half of the groups were subjected to chronic stress for 33 days consisting of a schedule of unpredictable, inescapable electroshocks, and half served as controls. Behavior and performance were measured on all animals(More)
A sensitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for quantitation of human epidermal growth factor (EGF) was employed to study EGF in urine and blood. The EGF/creatinine ratio in urine was significantly higher for women (range and (median); 0.20-0.83 (0.50) nmol EGF/mmol creatinine) than for men (0.17-0.63 (0.30) nmol EGF/mmol creatinine). We were not(More)
Effect on the acute stress response of dietary inclusion of 3 ppm salbutamol (beta-2-adrenergic agonist) at two levels of protein were investigated in growing pigs (from 25 kg live weight). The trial comprised six litters (blocks) of four females allocated randomly to four treatment groups in accordance with a 2 x 2 factorial arrangement. The response to an(More)
Provision of additional floor heating (33 to 34 degrees C) at birth and during the early postnatal hours is favorable for newborn piglets of domestic sows (Sus scrofa). We investigated whether this relatively high temperature influenced sow behavior and physiology around farrowing. One-half of 28 second-parity pregnant sows were randomly chosen to be(More)
Acknowledgements First of all the authors would like to thank the Danish Energy Agency for financial support of this project under contract 1323/98-0025, Danish Energy Research Program. Sønderborg Kraftvarmevaerk for supplying the practical example used in the report, to Anders N. Andersen, Energi-og Miljødata who guided us using his wide experience within(More)
In Denmark, the use of clozapine has increased markedly (15-25% per year) since 1983, when the drug was relaunched--after its withdrawal in 1975. Several factors have contributed to this development: 1) the interesting pharmacology of clozapine, especially the atypical influence on dopamine transmission, including a relatively high D-1/D-2 receptor affinity(More)
Of 125 patients who had no detectable cortical activity (DCA) in the electroencephalograph (EEG) immediately upon resuscitation from circulatory arrest of primary cardiovascular aetiology, 37 subsequently regained consciousness; these patients had their EEG and neurological status serially investigated until they expired or had survived one year. The(More)
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