Esben Skouboe Poulsen

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This paper presents a full-scale experiment investigating the use of human motion intensities as input for interactive illumination of a town square in the city of Aalborg in Denmark. As illuminators sixteen 3.5 meter high RGB LED lamps were used. The activity on the square was monitored by three thermal cameras and analysed by computer vision software from(More)
We distributed fourteen controllable street lamps in a city square and recorded three comparative and one 'usual' condition, operating the public lighting as if it were an interactive stage. First tested was adaptive lighting that responded to people's occupancy patterns. Second was a mobile phone application that allowed people to customise color and(More)
This paper presents a study investigating the potential use of human motion intensities as input for parametric urban design. Through a computer vision analysis of thermal images, motion intensity maps are generated and utilized as design drivers for urban design patterns; and, through a case study of a town square, human occupancy and motion intensities(More)
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