Esben Larsen

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The increased focus on electric vehicles (EVs) as distributed energy resources calls for new concepts of aggregated models of batteries. Despite the developed battery models for EV applications, when looking at the scenarios of energy storage, both geographical-temporal aspects and EVs use conditions cannot be neglected for an estimation of the available(More)
This paper proposes a decentralized storage strategy to support voltage control in low-voltage (LV) residential feeders with high photovoltaic (PV) capacity installed. The proposed strategy is capable of preventing overvoltage situations during high PV generation periods, by the use of locally controlled battery energy storage systems (ESS) at the PV system(More)
The binding of Abs to microbial surfaces followed by complement activation constitutes an important line of defense against infections. In this study, we have investigated the relationship between complement activation and the binding of human IgM Abs to surfaces with different curvatures. IgM Abs to dextran were shown to activate complement potently on(More)
Low-voltage (LV) grid feeders with high penetration of photovoltaics (PVs) are often affected by voltage magnitude problems. To solve such issues, previous research has shown that reactive power methods, active power curtailment and grid reinforcement can be used for voltage support, yet showing several limits. We introduce the use of electric vehicle (EV)(More)
Several European projects on smart grids are considering Electric Vehicles (EVs) as active element in future power systems. Both battery-powered vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles are expected to interact with the grid, sharing their energy storage capacity. Different coordination concepts for EVs are being investigated, in which vehicles can be(More)
An increased interest on electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) is dealing with their introduction into low voltage (LV) distribution grids. Lately, analysis on power quality issues has received attention when considering EVs as additional load. The charging of EVs is expected without a centralized coordination in the first(More)
Renewable off-grid solutions are steadily growing in both developed and developing countries (R. Kempener et al. 2015). With the decreasing cost and improving performance of small hydro installations, solar power, wind power, and energy storage systems, renewable energy is expected to supplement or replace existing diesel grids on islands and in remote(More)
Stable and low-cost multiplexed drug sensitivity assays using small volumes of cells or tissue are in demand for personalized medicine, including patient-specific combination chemotherapy. Spatially defined projected light photopolymerization of hydrogels with embedded active compounds is introduced as a flexible and cost-efficient method for producing(More)
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