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Artemisia herba-alba (A. h.-a.) has wide use in traditional medicine for the relief of coughing, healing external wounds, treatment of pain associated with gastrointestinal disturbances, etc. We investigated in vivo antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory activities of an aqueous extract (aq. ex.) and two isolated compounds obtained from aerial parts of A.(More)
AIMS Micturition process is a spinobulbospinal reflex that is affected by the viscero-visceral interactions due to convergent inputs into spinal and/or supraspinal centers controlling that reflex. Although interaction between bladder and other pelvic organs, such as colon, are well studied, the viscero-visceral interaction between urinary bladder and(More)
Synaptic responses resulting from stimulation of the main olfactory and vomeronasal (VN) nerves were measured in main and accessory olfactory bulb (AOB) of frog, Rana pipiens, to test the hypothesis that properties of these synapses would reflect the distinct differences in the time course of odour delivery to each of these olfactory structures.(More)
The goal of the present study was to relate the degree of cortical cholinergic deafferentation induced by middle cerebral artery (MCA) occlusion to changes in the sensitivity of frontal cortical neurons to iontophoretic administration of acetylcholine (ACh) and to changes in cognitive performance in the Morris water maze in rats. In Wistar rats, MCA(More)
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