Esam Saleh Halboub

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AIMS To evaluate the dental health status and toothbrushing behavior among Sana'a University students, and to explore any associations with different factors. METHODS In this cross-sectional study, the dental health of 360 students from the dental, medical, and literature faculties (120 each) at Sana'a University were examined using the Decayed, Missing,(More)
INTRODUCTION To evaluate the clinical and radiographic outcomes of pulpotomy treatment with mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) in symptomatic mature permanent teeth with carious exposure. MATERIALS AND METHODS Ten patients aged 27-54 years presented with 11 symptomatic permanent teeth (n=11). Each offending carious tooth was clinically and radiographically(More)
OBJECTIVES Oral cancer represents a health burden worldwide. Up to 90% of oral cancer cases are squamous cell carcinomas (SCC). The data on oral SCC in Yemen are lacking. The objective of this study therefore was to describe and analyze the demographic, clinical and histological characteristics of Yemeni patients with oral SCC. STUDY DESIGN In this(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the relative frequency and rank of oral cancer (OC) and pharyngeal cancer (PC) among Yemeni cancer patients who were treated and registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) over 14 years, and to characterize these patients by different grouping factors. METHODS In this retrospective study, the Saudi Cancer Registry, Riyadh, KSA(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to assess the prevalence of oral mucosal lesions (OMLs) and dental caries and to evaluate oral health practices among institutionalized orphan-children in Sana'a city, Yemen. SUBJECTS AND METHODS A sample of 202 institutionalized male-orphan-children in the main orphanage in Sana'a city, were matched to 202 non-orphan(More)
More than 50 % of oral cancer cases are diagnosed at advanced stages. Public knowledge about oral cancer can help in prevention and early detection of the disease. The aim of the present study was to assess the levels of awareness and knowledge about signs and risk factors of oral cancer among dental patients in Saudi Arabia. A self-administered(More)
INTRODUCTION Studies on oral health status among Yemeni population are scarce. AIM This study aimed to evaluate the periodontal health among advantaged section of Yemeni society, university students, in health and non-health fields. MATERIALS AND METHODS Periodontal health status of a sample of 360 students from dental, medical and literature faculties(More)
Dealing with diagnostic X-ray radiation may result in serious health problems, unless protection guidelines are followed. This became prevalent immediately a decade following the invention of X-ray radiation, where it had not been known that the accumulative exposure to X-ray radiation may carry huge health hazards. The reoccurrence of various fatal cancer(More)
OBJECTIVES This study was conducted to evaluate Yemeni dental practitioners' knowledge and practices concerning fissure sealants. MATERIALS AND METHODS A modified questionnaire consisted of 25-items was distributed to 500 dentists working in Sana'a City. Descriptive statistics and Chi-square/Fisher's exact tests were used for statistical analyses. (More)
We investigated the effect of social networking (SN) on academic achievement of dental students at Jazan University, Saudi Arabia. A self-administered questionnaire was distributed during the 2015/16 academic year to all dental students and data were analysed by SPSS version 21. There were 348 participants (70% response rate) and 53% were male. Fifty-one(More)