Esam A. Al Qaralleh

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This paper presents a fast binary motion estimation (BME) algorithm and its architecture for MPEG-4 shape encoding. The proposed algorithm explores the property of the binary-value in BME to quickly skip the unnecessary sum of absolute differences (SAD) computation. When comparing with the full search algorithm, simulation results show that it can(More)
The Arabic alphabet is used in around 27 languages, including Arabic, Persian, Kurdish, Urdu, and Jawi. Many researchers have developed systems for recognizing cursive handwritten Arabic words, using both holistic and segmentation-based approaches. This paper introduces a system that achieves high accuracy using efficient segmentation, feature extraction,(More)
Artificial neural networks have the abilities to learn by example and are capable of solving problems that are hard to solve using ordinary rule-based programming. They have many design parameters that affect their performance such as the number and sizes of the hidden layers. Large sizes are slow and small sizes are generally not accurate. Tuning the(More)
Engineering education is constantly challenged to bridge the gap between classroom and real world problems. In this paper, we report on the experience at PSUT of complementing the teaching of digital signal processing through project based learning. A low cost digital stethoscope is utilized by students to record heartbeat sounds and apply DSP concepts to(More)
Video coding techniques which are characterized by huge computational burden extensively consume power. Motion estimation with block matching criterion utilizing sum of absolute differences (SAD) with variable block size is the main source for such complexity and huge power consumption. In this work, we introduce a modified matching criterion in bit-level(More)
Recent advances in synthesis tools as well as the use of MATLAB/SIMULINK as a high-level language make it feasible for rapid and efficient verification of Hardware Description Language (HDL) designs. The power of MATLAB in handling complex digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms has strengthened, in one hand, the abilities of processing algorithms for(More)
Finite impulse response (FIR) digital filters are extensively used due to their key role in various digital signal processing (DSP) applications. Several attempts have been made to develop hardware realization of FIR filters characterized by implementation complexity, precision and high speed. Field Programmable Gate Array is a reconfigurable realization of(More)
Motion estimation with variable block size is the driver for the high performance of H.264 in video compression. Huge amount of computations and memory access are required to satisfy the needs of motion estimation. Many algorithms proposed to save computations degrade video quality. This work proposes an early termination mechanism at the hardware level(More)