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BACKGROUND Dietary vitamin D supplementation is associated with reduced risk of type 1 diabetes in animals. Our aim was to ascertain whether or not vitamin D supplementation or deficiency in infancy could affect development of type 1 diabetes. METHODS A birth-cohort study was done, in which all pregnant women (n=12055) in Oulu and Lapland, northern(More)
BACKGROUND Recently, two centers have independently developed a risk score for predicting postoperative nausea and vomiting (PONV). This study investigated (1) whether risk scores are valid across centers and (2) whether risk scores based on logistic regression coefficients can be simplified without loss of discriminating power. METHODS Adult patients(More)
A prospective interview-based survey on the incidence of postoperative nausea and vomiting in 1107 in-patients aged 4-86 years was conducted during a 3-month period. Nausea, emetic episodes and the need for anti-emetic medication were recorded for 24 h postoperatively. In the recovery room, the incidence of nausea and vomiting was 18% and 5%, respectively.(More)
The effectiveness of simultaneously administered influenza and pneumococcal vaccines vs. influenza vaccine alone in preventing pneumonia, pneumococcal pneumonia and pneumococcal bacteraemia among the elderly was studied. The vaccines were offered to all persons aged 65 years or older (N=43,500) living in 35 administrative districts in Northern Finland. A(More)
The cohort consisted of 1,489 Finnish female physical education and 8,560 language teachers born after 1920 and alive in 1967. The 2 study populations were similar in social class and way of living and clearly discordant in physical activity both during their university studies and later in life. The incidence of breast cancer among these teachers up to the(More)
The present study assessed the relationship between coffee consumption and mortality in a home-dwelling elderly population. A population-based cohort of 817 men and women born in 1920 or earlier and living in northern Finland provided complete data on daily coffee consumption and other variables at the baseline examination in 1991-1992. Deaths were(More)
OBJECTIVES To study the associations between self-reported health problems and sickness absence from work. METHODS The results of a questionnaire survey were combined with archival data of sickness absence of 1341 employees (88% males; 62% blue-collar) in the construction, service and maintenance work within one corporation in Finland. Sex, age and(More)
The possibility of an association of early pregnancy loss (EPL) with residential exposure to ELF magnetic fields was investigated in a case-control study. Eighty-nine cases and 102 controls were obtained from the data of an earlier study aimed at investigating the occurrence of EPL in a group of women attempting to get pregnant. Magnetic-field exposure was(More)
In this study, the association between natural rubber latex (NRL) sensitization and work ability index (WAI) among health care workers was investigated. Furthermore, the diagnostic sensitivity and specificity of a postal questionnaire as a screening device of NRL allergy was evaluated. The study population consisted of 32 female health care workers with an(More)
The effect of maternal build on the outcome of pregnancy was studied in two birth cohorts in Northern Finland, for 1966 and 1985-86. Prospectively collected data were available for 10,969 women in the earlier cohort and 9128 in the later one. The women in the earlier cohort were on average 2.9 cm shorter but 0.2 kg thinner and had 0.7 kg/m2 greater BMI. 13%(More)