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Chronic conditions closely related to lifestyles are the major cause of disability and death in the developed world. Behavior change is the key to managing well-being and preventing and managing chronic diseases. Wellness diary (WD) is a mobile application designed to support citizens in learning about their behavior, and both making and maintaining(More)
An ever-increasing number of people are affected by lifestyle-related health risks, such as overweight, physical inactivity and stress. An ongoing Nuadu trial studies the user acceptance and effectiveness of technologies in supporting the wellness management of working-age citizens. The technologies consist of different Web, mobile and wearable solutions.(More)
Cardiac rehabilitation programs offer effective means to prevent recurrence of a cardiac event. However, poor uptake of current programs have been reported globally. Home based model is considered as an alternative to avoid barriers related to hospital based programs. The challenge in a home based program is to re-establish the link between the patient and(More)
Nowadays a lot of data could be stored and handled in the mobile phone. One source for this data is sensors and measurement devices attached to the user or near him. One emerging application domain is "well-being", and user’s mobile phone being the original and possibly the only data storage for that kind of personal content. For retrieving and(More)
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