Esa Korhonen

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An apparatus to measure the coefficient of kinetic friction (mu k) between the shoe sole and the underfoot surface was constructed, and a method including criteria to evaluate the risk of slipping during walking was developed. The apparatus is a prototype stationary step simulator capable of simulating the movements of a human foot and the forces applied to(More)
Positron annihilation spectroscopy, when combined with supporting high-quality modeling of positron states and annihilation in matter, is a powerful tool for detailed defect identification of vacancy-type defects in semiconductors and oxides. Here we demonstrate that the Doppler broadening of the positron annihilation radiation is a very sensitive means for(More)
We propose a new method for the integral non-linearity (INL) and differential nonlinearity (DNL) testing of D/A - A/D converter pairs employing the recently developed stimulus identification method. This allows both converters to be measured independently but simultaneously without significant fault masking problems. Simulations show that the INL and DNL(More)
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