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Personal information handling in current and anticipated context use cases is worrisome. This notwithstanding, contextual services are rapidly proliferating into most niches of society, catalysed by technological advancements in sensing, ubiquity and mobile computing. Evolving social trends, catastrophic events and the economics of personal information(More)
Context-awareness in pervasive smart spaces exposes intuitively useful services. These services implicitly annotate users' personal information with contextual cues to individualise experiences. Mobile terminals have positioned most domestic and business users as potential consumers of these services. To alleviate the inconveniences of small screens,(More)
Mobile context-aware applications execute in the background of hosts mobile devices. The applications source process and aggregate hosts’ contextual and personal information. This information is disclosed to ubiquitously pervasive services that adapt their offerings to individual preferences. Unfortunately, many developers continue to ignore the user(More)
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