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Simultaneous localization and mapping is a well studied problem as it is considered by many to be an essential capability for autonomous robots. In this paper, we present an algorithm using a stereo camera based on Rao-Blackwelltion particle filter, It can realize three dimensional stereo vision SLAM for mobile robot in unknown outdoor environments.(More)
A fast 3D scanning laser radar is designed and calibrated. A set of mechanical equipment driven by a step motor is designed to rotate the scanning plane of a 2D laser range finder to realize 3D scanning. A micro-controller system is embedded for the scanning control and synchronization with the host computer. Measurement data are acquired by a(More)
The inverse problem of Magnetoacoustic Tomography (MAT) is often ill-posed in the sense that noise in the data may give rise to significant errors in the process of reconstruction. It is critical and significant to develop a feasible and effective method to deal with this ill-posed problem. In this paper, we introduce a regularization method combining(More)
Traditional Kalman filter or extended Kalman filter has been used broadly for mobile robot localization. However in some circumstances, its prior Gaussian hypothesis becomes unacceptable and limits the localization precision. For this reason, Monte Carlo method is used for the robot localization. In this paper, the algorithm implementation is advanced after(More)
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