Eryn Grant

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In this research, we describe the evolutionary training of artificial neural network controllers for competitive team game playing behaviors by teams of real mobile robots (The EvBots). During training (evolution), performance of controllers was evaluated based on the results of competitive tournaments of games played between robots (controllers) in an(More)
—This paper presents a developmental analysis of robot controllers created using evolutionary robotics (ER) methods. ER uses artificial evolution to automatically design and synthesize intelligent robot controllers. An aggregate fitness function that injects relatively little a priori task knowledge into the evolving controllers was used. We analyze the(More)
Knowledge acquisition and representation is an integral part of an active cognitive system, and such systems are continuously updating their knowledge of their own embodiment , the external world and the relation between the two. Given a stream of control commands and sensory data, we want to understand how the three types of knowledge are acquired. We(More)
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