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A new distributed program graphical design environment is described in the paper. It is oriented towards designing program execution control based on a built-in system infrastructure which enables easy global application states monitoring in systems based on multicore processors. Two aspects of global application control design are covered. First is the(More)
The paper describes system and program metrics used for load balancing algorithms for Java program execution in the SOAJA (Service Oriented Adaptative Java Applications) executive environment. This environment aims in maintaining design and execution of large scale computing tasks in complex networked Grid environments. SOAJA services provide means for(More)
A new program graph structuring algorithm for dynamically reconfigurable multi-processor systems based on the look-ahead dynamic connection reconfiguration is presented. This architectural model enables elimination of connection reconfiguration time overheads. It consists in preparing link connections in advance in redundant connection switches in parallel(More)
The paper is concerned with a new distributed program design environment based on the global application states monitoring. The environment called PEGASUS (from Program Execution Governed by Asynchronous SUpervision of States) supplies to a programmer a ready to use control primitives to design distributed program execution control in which decisions for(More)
We propose a new component framework over a middleware platform for grid computing: DG-ADAJ (desktop grid-adaptive distributed application in Java). Our platform allows having a single system image (SSI) of the grid platform. It gives a special mechanism at middleware level which assures dynamic and automatic adaptation to variations of computation methods(More)
A new framework for designing evolved program execution control in distributed programs is discussed in the paper. The framework provides an infrastructure for designing distributed program control based on monitoring of global application states. Global control constructs are proposed which logically bind distributed program modules and define the flow of(More)
Look-ahead dynamic inter-processor connection reconfigura-tion is a multi-processor architectural model, which has been proposed to eliminate connection reconfiguration time overheads. It consists in preparing link connections in advance in parallel with program execution. An application program is partitioned into sections, which are executed using(More)