Eryang Zhang

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Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks (UASNs) have attracted increasing interest in recent years due to their extensive commercial and military applications. However, the harsh underwater channel causes many challenges for the design of reliable underwater data transport protocol. In this paper, we propose an energy efficient data transport protocol based on(More)
This paper proposes a recursive optimum-term selecting (ROS) approach to pruning the general Volterra series, by which we can achieve a custom-tailored model to characterize nonlinearity of wideband power amplifiers (PAs) with memory effects. The achieved model is more suitable for the individual PA than those static models , such as the MP and GMP models,(More)
This paper presents a suboptimum custom-tailored (SCT) model for power amplifiers (PAs). Based on the pruned Volterra series, the SCT model is developed by using a recursive optimum-term selecting (ROS) algorithm with an offline characterization process. The proposed model sacrifices accuracy in comparison with the custom-tailored (CT) model derived from(More)
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