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To gain statistical power or to allow fine mapping, researchers typically want to pool data before meta-analyses or genotype imputation. However, the necessary harmonization of genetic datasets is currently error-prone because of many different file formats and lack of clarity about which genomic strand is used as reference. Genotype Harmonizer (GH) is a(More)
75 children aged under 15 years have entered the regular haemodialysis/renal transplant programme at Guy's Hospital in the 10 years since its inception; 13 children have subsequently died. A combination of hospital and home haemodialysis and renal transplantation was used. 64 children received 80 renal allografts; 37 1st grafts were from live, related(More)
MOTIVATION While the size and number of biobanks, patient registries and other data collections are increasing, biomedical researchers still often need to pool data for statistical power, a task that requires time-intensive retrospective integration. RESULTS To address this challenge, we developed MOLGENIS/connect, a semi-automatic system to find, match(More)
REGULAR haemodialysis and renal transplantation are accepted as effective methods of treatment for adults with chronic renal failure. Ten years ago the outlook for such children was bleak, with many people suggesting that dialysis and transplantation should not be offered in view of the poor results and heavy strain on the child and his family. Despite(More)
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