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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effect of acupuncture on the pregnancy rate in assisted reproduction therapy (ART) by comparing a group of patients receiving acupuncture treatment shortly before and after embryo transfer with a control group receiving no acupuncture. DESIGN Prospective randomized study. SETTING Fertility center. PATIENT(S) After giving(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the ultramorphologic sperm features of idiopathic infertile men after acupuncture therapy. DESIGN Prospective controlled study. SETTING Christian-Lauritzen-Institut, Ulm, IVF center Munich, Germany, and Department of General Biology, University of Siena, Siena, Italy. PATIENT(S) Forty men with idiopathic oligospermia,(More)
were provided by the groups of Srinath et al. (1983) and Matsumoto et al. (1984). In monkeys a substantial reduction treatment improved sperm counts in men with spermatogenesis suppressed by testosterone-induced cessation of gonadotrophin 4 To whom correspondence should be addressed secretion. In rats immunized with gonadotrophin-releasing The effects of(More)
This paper belongs to a series of application of the Baccetti's et al. (1995) formula to the submicroscopical mathematical examination of the human spermatozoa used for assisted reproduction. The present experiment concerns partial zona dissection, a technique requiring a careful evaluation of sperm quality in order to predict the success of the program.(More)
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