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AIMS The purpose of this study was to analyse the efficacy and complication rates of the simultaneous hybrid procedure in a series of patients with persistent and long-standing persistent atrial(More)
AIMS To assess the incidence of late pulmonary vein (PV) reconnection following index PV isolation (PVI) procedure initially achieved with radiofrequency contact-force catheter ablation (CFCA) and(More)
The second-generation cryoballoon (CB-A, Arctic Front Advance, Medtronic, Minneapolis, MN, USA) has proven to be highly effective in achieving freedom from atrial fibrillation; nonetheless, the ideal(More)
The third-generation Cryoballoon Advance Short-tip (CB-ST) has been designed with a 40 % shortened tip length compared with the former second generation CB advance device (CB-A). Ideally, a shorter(More)
Aims In this double centre, retrospective study, we aimed to analyse the 1-year efficacy and safety of cryoballoon ablation (CB-A) in patients older than 75 years compared with those younger than(More)