Erwin Schaumlechner

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This paper presents Dietorecs, a novel case-based travel planning recommender system. Dietorecs has been designed by incorporating a human decision model that stresses individual differences in decision styles. Dietorecs supports decision styles by means of an adaptive behavior which is learned exploiting a case base of recommendation sessions that are(More)
This paper describes and discusses the application of various state-of-the-art techniques to improve the design and usability of a web application in the B2C area. It is illustrated by the ongoing project of developing an intelligent destination recommender system (DieToRecs). These techniques comprise four particular evaluation steps: 1. a concept test, 2.(More)
E-commerce initiatives show that tourism data is one of the most accessed data in the Web. The problem is that a high number of users is rather unexperienced in Web use. The handling of tourism information systems is often a complex and time consuming process for tourists. To satisfy the tourists expectations it is inevitable to support the tourist in(More)
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