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The effectiveness of government spending on education and health care in developing and transition economies
Abstract Recent studies show that corruption is associated with higher military spending [Eur. J. Polit. Econ. 17 (2001) 794] and lower government spending on education and health care [J. Publ.Expand
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Foreign Aid and Revenue Response Does the Composition of Aid Matter?
This paper examines the revenue response to inflows of foreign aid in 107 countries during the period 1970-2000. In particular, it investigates whether the impact of aid on the revenue effort dependsExpand
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Corruption and the Provision of Health Care and Education Services
Government intervention to correct market failures is often accompanied by government failures and corruption. This is no more evident than in social sectors that are characterized by significantExpand
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Temporary Migration Overseas and Household Labor Supply: Evidence from Urban Philippines
The impact of international migration on the labor supply of workers' nonmigrant relatives has not been well documented in the literature. Using household survey data representing mostly overseasExpand
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Returns to Education in the Economic Transition: A Systematic Assessment Using Comparable Data
This paper studies a sample of economies in transition to verify the assertion that returns to schooling increase as an economy transitions to a market environment. This claim has been difficult toExpand
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Public Spending on Health Care and the Poor
This paper uses new cross-country data to assess the relationship between public spending on health care and the health status of the poor. Data are drawn from two sources: (i) existing data onExpand
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The Impact of Emigration on Source Country Wages: Evidence from the Republic of Moldova
Thousands of Moldovans emigrated for work abroad over the last few years following nearly a decade of economic stagnation in their home country. At about 30 percent of the labor force, Moldova'sExpand
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Public Finance, Governance, and Growth in Transition Economies : Empirical Evidence from 1992-2004
This paper revisits the early empirical literature on economic growth in transition economies, with particular focus on fiscal policy variables-fiscal balance and the size of government. The baselineExpand
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Privatization, Labor and Social Safety Nets
Privatization promotes economic efficiency and growth, thereby reinforcing macroeconomic adjustment. In the short run, however, it can lead to job losses and wage cuts for workers. This paperExpand
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