Erwin Pfeffer

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The IBM eServer௣ z990 microprocessor implements many features designed to give excellent performance on both newer and traditional mainframe applications. These features include a new superscalar instruction execution pipeline, high-bandwidth caches, a huge secondary translation-lookaside buffer (TLB), and an onboard cryptographic coprocessor. The(More)
The IBM System z10e microprocessor is currently the fastest running 64-bit CISC (complex instruction set computer) microprocessor. This microprocessor operates at 4.4 GHz and provides up to two times performance improvement compared with its predecessor, the System z9t microprocessor. In addition to its ultrahigh-frequency pipeline, the z10e microprocessor(More)
In order to study the localization and mechanisms of intestinal phosphate transport in sheep and goats, unidirectional inorganic phosphate (Pi) flux rates across isolated stripped epithelial tissues were measured in vitro by applying the Ussing-chamber technique. In the first experiment the tissues were obtained from animals which had been kept on an(More)
  • Universitait In, Leuven F Baro, +23 authors Luczywek E
  • 2008
The rate of conversion of mild cognitive impairment to dementia: predictive role of depression. receptor type 1 gene variation in a group of Polish patients with Alzheimer's disease and mild cognitive impairment.
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