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In this paper different variations of the so-called " Tune-and-Select " (TAS) switching node for Optical Burst Switching (OBS) are investigated. Both signal degradation and burst losses limit the effective throughput of such optical burst switching nodes. These limitations are analysed for different nodes with four input/output fibres at different bit(More)
In this paper we analyze the limits of effective throughput for TCP segments through an optical burst switching (OBS) network. Wavelength conversion and deflection routing are considered as contention resolution methods. The work shows that there is a strong interaction between TCP congestion avoidance mechanisms and the load dependant contention in the OBS(More)
Kurzfassung Im Beitrag des BMBF Verbundvorhabens TransiNet werden mögliche, auf optische Vermittlung basierende Architekturen für den IP-Transport in zukünftigen Weitverkehrsnetzen identifiziert und Bewertungskriterien für diese Architekturen aufgestellt. Dabei gilt es den zukünftigen Anforderungen, wie wachsende Anzahl von Nutzern, stetig steigendes(More)
In two-layer networks there are various ways to improve virtual and physical topology and capacity allocations in terms of cost. One way is introducing bypass links, to reduce the amount of switching in the upper layer. Our approach for finding the bypass links and the corresponding bypass nodes is based on a mixed integer programming approach. Our starting(More)