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We review recent progress made towards commercializable read–write, fast–access holographic data storage. This includes a recent demonstration of high areal density holographic storage [1], systems architectures for extending this high density to high capacity using phase–conjugate readout [2], and recent experimental progress along these lines. Other(More)
Among the various applications for reversible holographic storage media, a particularly interesting one is time-gated holographic imaging (TGHI). This technique could provide a noninvasive medical diagnosis tool, related to optical coherence tomography. In this technique, biological samples are illuminated within their transparency window with near-infrared(More)
The performances of two classes of photorefractive polymer composites with low glass-transition temperatures (about 10È5 ¡C) are compared. One is based on the commonly used photoconductor poly(N-vinylcarbazole) (PVK), i.e., containing isolated charge-transport moieties for hopping. The other is based on the p-conjugated