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Research groups in both academia and industry have developed prototype systems to demonstrate the benefits of pervasive computing in various application domains. Unfortunately, many first-generation pervasive computing systems lack the ability to evolve as new technologies emerge or as an application domain matures. To address this limitation, the(More)
— Rapid advancements in processor and networking technologies have led to the evolution of cluster and grid computing frameworks. These high-performance computing environments exploit geographically distributed, diverse resources with the goal of providing efficient computing solutions to all kinds of parallel and distributed applications. OCEAN (Open(More)
Establishing suitable programming models for pervasive spaces is essential in improving the productivity, enhancing the quality of pervasive systems, and creating an open platform for interoperability. Two different models, namely, the context-driven model and the service-oriented model, have been proposed and studied for their feasibilities as the(More)
Existing pervasive spaces present problems, mainly related to the extensibility of the system and conflicting services and devices within the system. The programming model proposed here aims to resolve these problems by providing explicit knowledge representation, enhanced safety guarantees and by enabling extendability. By formalizing the three relevant(More)
In this article we will propose a formal model for smart spaces. The key ingredients of this model are user, sensors and actu-ators. We show how we can derive a programming model based upon knowledge and software engineering. We describe how to interpret the world using an ontology and use this ontology to describe the intentional effect of available(More)
Cultured tobacco cells exhibited a nuclear reaction in the cytochemical test for acid phosphatase after exposure to 2 percent glutaraldehyde. A slight preference for adenosine monophosphate over beta glycerophosphate as substrate was noted, but the enzymatic activity was not typically 5' nucleotidase. Other aldehydes tested did not elicit the same enzyme(More)
Managing fast-growing personal Web information is a time-consuming, laborious task that affects people's daily lives. A framework is highly desired that will allow people to collect and fuse personal information without dealing with complex emerging technologies. In this paper, we present our E-Service-Based Information Fusion Framework for end users. This(More)