Erwin Domínguez

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Calafate (Berberis microphylla G. Forst) is a Patagonian barberry very rich in anthocyanins and one of the fruits with the highest levels of these polyphenols. Other phenolic compounds have also been described in calafate berries. However, to the best of our knowledge there is no available information on hydroxycinnamic acid derivatives. The complexity of(More)
The PREDICTS project-Projecting Responses of Ecological Diversity In Changing Terrestrial Systems ( collated from published studies a large, reasonably representative database of comparable samples of biodiversity from multiple sites that differ in the nature or intensity of human impacts relating to land use. We have used this(More)
The widespread secondary metabolite usnic acid, a dibenzofuran derivative, is the principal acetone-soluble compound in the lichen Flavocetraria nivalis. Seasonal variation in concentrations were studied in four populations of this lichen, three from Arctic-alpine habitats in the Northern Hemisphere, and one from Patagonian heathland in the Southern(More)
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