Erwin Chan

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We adapt the cognitively-oriented morphology acquisition model proposed in (Chan 2008) to perform morphological analysis, extending its concept of base-derived relationships to allow multi-step derivations and adding features required for robustness on noisy corpora. This results in a rule-based morphological analyzer which attains an F-score of 58.48% in(More)
The Asymmetric Threat Response and Analysis Program (ATRAP) is a software system for intelligence fusion, visualization, reasoning, and prediction. ATRAP consists of a set of tools for annotating and automatically extracting entities and relationships from documents, visualizing this information in relational, geographic, and temporal dimensions, and(More)
This paper discusses the LFG-based machine translation engine developed for an English-Filipino bi-directional translator. The whole engine includes the analysis to f-structure, transfer of source to target f-structure, and generation from f-structure. Initial linguistic resources were established to test the engine and to develop the full bidirectional(More)
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