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MundoCore: A light-weight infrastructure for pervasive computing
MundoCore is a communication middleware specifically designed for the requirements of pervasive computing based on a microkernel design, supports dynamic reconfiguration, and provides a common set of APIs for different programming languages on a wide range of different devices. Expand
An IR local positioning system for smart items and devices
IRIS-LPS (InfraRed Indoor Scout), an optical infrared local positioning system, is described, capable of tracking a large number of tags without significant performance impact, since the sampling rate remains constant with an increasing number of tagged objects. Expand
Modern Software Engineering Concepts and Practices: Advanced Approaches
The Internet of services introduces new requirements for service engineering in terms of addressing both business and technical perspectives. The inherent complexity of the new wave of services thatExpand
SYSSOMO: A Pedagogical Tool for Analyzing Movement Variants Between Different Pianists
This work has developed and built sensing hardware, called MotionNet, to capture arm movements, which is composed of a set of sensor units and a host unit, which communicate via CAN, to reduce size and weight of the sensor units. Expand
Reducing User Perceived Latency in Mobile Processes
A caching architecture for web services and an adaptive prefetching algorithm that has the compatibility with major mobile browsers and the independence of the caching proxy from the front-end application and the back-end services to reduce the latency perceived by the user. Expand
Towards a distributed crisis response communication system
An outline for a distributed communication approach, which fulfills the requirements of first responders, based on a layered network topology and current technology used in research projects or already established products is provided. Expand
Engineering intuitive and self-explanatory smart products
A general architecture and a distributed runtime environment for building Smart Products that are more intuitive to use and are self-explanatory are presented and a number of user interaction issues are discussed. Expand
Experiences with MundoCore
It is shown how a simple room-control application can be programmed with the different paradigms of MundoCore, and the advantages of the publish/subscribe paradigm are highlighted. Expand
System support for ubiquitous computing
This paper discusses smart digital identities that represent user’s in the digital world and are able to perform operations such as authenticating the user to other parties. Expand