Erween A. Rahim

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This paper presents a survey of the thermal performance of a range of TIMs (adhesives, greases, phase change materials (PCMs) and thermal pads) from different vendors. Previously published studies on TIM thermal performance characterization and reliability assessment for electronics packaging are reviewed. The potential limitations of ASTM D 5470 standard,(More)
Nowadays, carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) composites is widely used in the aerospace industry due to its excellent mechanical properties. In laser cutting process, high powers are used to cut materials then material melts and burns leaving edges with a high quality finish. To fulfill the high demand of cutting quality, a set of laser cutting(More)
Nickel-based alloy can be found in different industrial applications especially in aircraft engines and hot end components of various types of gas turbines with its high strength, strong corrosion resistance and excellent thermal fatigue properties and thermal stability compared to conventional materials. However, nickel-based alloy is one of the extremely(More)
Abstract— Proper selection of the mouthguard design can result in better breathing and speech performance during sports activities. This study emphasizes the design of air flow channels on mouthguard, which is very scarce to be found in literature so far. Air flow simulations based on actual design of mouth mould wearing a mouthguard using computerised(More)
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