Erwan Brottier

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In a Model-Driven Development context (MDE), model transformations allow memorizing and reusing design know-how, and thus automate parts of the design and refinement steps of a software development process. A model transformation program is a specific program, in the sense it manipulates models as main parameters. Each model must be an instance of a "(More)
[Context and motivation] Ever-growing systems' complexity and novel requirements engineering approaches such as reuse or globalization imply that requirements are produced by different stake-holders and written in possibly different languages. [Question/ prob-lem] In this context, checking consistency so that requirements specifications are amenable to(More)
Requirements documentation is a collection of partial specifications produced by different stakeholders. Obtaining a global specification is a fundamental step of a requirement analysis process. Merging requirement specifications is indeed a way to reveal inconsistencies between them. We propose in this paper a model-driven mechanism for that purpose. It(More)
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