Erwan Becquet

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OBJECTIVE To investigate the cognitive profile of first degree relatives of patients with familial Parkinson's disease to determine whether these subjects presented signs of neuropsychological dysfunction compared with healthy controls. Results of recent genetic and neuroimaging studies suggest a genetic contribution to the aetiology of Parkinson's disease(More)
Some studies have demonstrated that the motor symptomatology in sporadic and familial Parkinson's disease was identical. From a physiopathological point of view, and perhaps in the future from a therapeutic point of view, it seems important to determine whether sporadic and familial Parkinson's disease are also similar with regard to cognitive impairment.(More)
We present 11 families consistent with autosomal dominant inheritance of probable Parkinson's disease (PD). Although excluded as a cause of disease in these kindreds, mutations in the alpha-synuclein gene have been implicated in familial PD. The beta-synuclein gene is highly homologous, expressed in the nervous system and thus is a good candidate gene for(More)
The goal of the project in this paper is to gain experience on QoS (Quality of Service) based distributed system for EDF's power control applications. EDF is the French power utility. QoS is related to time constraints in our case. We adopted a distributed system approach to build our execution platform. The first prototype uses a modified ChorusOS(More)
The work in this paper is a case study. This paper describes how we are provisioning QoS in a real-time distributed object platform able to support power plant control applications. A previous experiment with a modified Java-ChorusOS-ATM platform based on RM-ODP/ReTINA binding objects enhanced our knowledge on QoS based distributed object systems.(More)
  • L Teboul, R Pawlak, L Seinturier, E Gressier-Soudan, E Becquet
  • 2002
Since 1994, we have designed and prototyped several industrial messaging services over different platforms. Our experiments have been based on ISO-MMS standard and TASE.2. This paper describes the lessons learned from these past projects, and some of our activities in designing a next generation of industrial messaging services. Faced with a fast changing(More)
This work describes an ongoing project at CNAM-CEDRIC. Its goal is to evaluate the ability of the Real-Time Java technology for process control applications with soft real-time constraints. We are designing a lightweight embedded remote monitoring computer prototype able to support Web based Man Machine Interface and production data exchanges between power(More)