Erum Shireen

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The mechanism by which stimulation of somatodendritic and/or postsynaptic 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT, serotonin)-1A receptor could attenuate acute Parkinsonian-like effects of typical antipsychotics is investigated by comparing the anticataleptic and neurochemical effects of 8-hydroxy-2-di-n-propylaminotetralin (8-OH-DPAT) and buspirone in rats injected with(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the role of dopamine and 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT; serotonin) in the reinforcing effects of alcohol and apomorphine. DESIGN Experimental study. PLACE AND DURATION OF STUDY Department of Biochemistry, University of Karachi from September to November 2004. SUBJECTS AND METHODS The study was conducted on 24 male albino Wistar(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the effect of low and high doses of buspirone on motor activity and striatal monoamine metabolism in rats. DESIGN Experimental study. PLACE AND DURATION OF STUDY The experiments were performed in the Department of Biochemistry, Karachi University from October to December 2003. SUBJECTS AND METHOD Behavioral and neurochemical(More)
Different isolated strains of Leuconostoc mesenteroides produce dextran compared with that of L. mesenteroides NRRL B-512 F. Among nine newly isolated strains, strains PCSIR-4 and PCSIR-9 produced dextran of different quality. Using these two newly isolated strains, the development of dextran coincided closely with the disappearance of sucrose. The yield of(More)
Although haloperidol is widely prescribed for the treatment of schizophrenia, its beneficial effects are accompanied by extrapyramidal side effects (EPS). Role of 5-HT-2A/2C receptors in the attenuation of acute Parkinsonian-like effects of typical antipsychotics is investigated by prior administration of mianserin and mesulergine to rats injected with(More)
The present study was designed to monitor extrapyramidal symptoms (EPS) elicited by the oral administration of haloperidol at clinically recommended doses and to compare it with EPS produced when the drug is injected intraperitoneally at doses used in animal research. Rats injected with haloperidol at a dose of 1 mg/kg daily for 5 weeks exhibited akinesia(More)
BACKGROUND Examination stress is a psychological stress that activate hypothalamic-pituitary adrenocortical (HPA) axis to increase circulating levels of glucocorticoids. The fat derived hormone leptin is also released in response to stress-inducing condition. To workout the role of leptin and cortisol in response to perceived levels of examination stress(More)
Stress is defined as a non specific response of body to any physiological and psychological demand. Preclinical studies have shown that an uncontrollable stress condition produces neurochemical and behavioral deficits. The present study was conducted to test the hypothesis that a decrease in the responsiveness of somatodendritic 5-hydroxytryptamine(More)
Lower levels of 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT; serotonin) in the brain elicit sugar craving, while ingestion of sugar rich diet improves mood and alleviates anxiety. Gender differences occur not only in brain serotonin metabolism but also in a serotonin mediated functional responses. The present study was therefore designed to investigate gender related(More)
In view of a possible role of presynaptic serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine, 5-HT) receptors in the precipitation of extrapyramidal side effects (EPS), the present study was designed to investigate the neurochemical effects of a selective 5-HT1A ligand, 8-hydroxy-2- (di-n-propylamino) tetralin (8-OH-DPAT) in rats following single (5 mg/kg) and repeated(More)