Ertugrul Sönmez

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Application of the thin-layer wicking (TLW) technique on powdered minerals is useful for characterizing their surfaces. Albite (Na-feldspar) and orthoclase (K-feldspar) are feldspar minerals which are frequently found in the same matrix. Despite similarities in their physicochemical properties, separation of these minerals from each other by flotation is(More)
This paper presents the small signal and large signal models for an AlGaAs and a SiGe Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor, using neural network techniques. The main advantage of this technique is the wide range of frequencies over which the small signal model is valid and the great accuracy of the large signal characteristics. Both the models have been(More)
This paper describes the wafer level integration of a differential 24GHz SiGe-MMIC oscillator including a buffer amplifier with a differentially driven patch antenna. The patch antenna is realized on 30 μm BCB (Benzo Cyclo Butene) used as a dielectric layer. The radiated power of the patch antenna driven by the oscillator is calculated based on measurements(More)
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