Ertugrul Goksoy

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Recurrence of hepatic hydatid disease is still a serious problem in endemic areas like our country. In this study, we present the causes and management of recurrences after surgical therapy of the hepatic hydatid cysts. Hepatic hydatid cyst patients treated surgically and followed afterward at Istanbul University, Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty, Department of(More)
Hepatic ischemia should be considered in serious liver injury, liver tumor resection and liver transplantation. There are other conditions that decrease hepatic blood flow and cause hepatic ischemia, such as hemorrhagic shock, sepsis, hepatic artery ligation, trauma, and certain vascular lesions. In this study, effects of nimodipine (a calcium channel(More)
BACKGROUND A hydatid cyst is still a serious health problem in endemic areas. Invasion of the spleen is rare in hydatid disease. In the medical literature, reports about isolated splenic hydatidoses are quite rare. Also there is not a consensus about the way of treatment. METHODS Between 1978 and 2000, in our clinic approximately 900 patients were(More)
Extrapelvic endometriosis is a rarely seen condition and it is occasionally presented to the general surgeons. It is often diagnosed incidentally. In this report we presented three cases of inguinal endometriosis all of which were thought to be inguinal hernia preoperatively. They were diagnosed during the operation for inguinal hernia repair and treated(More)
Hepatic hydatid disease is still a commonly seen problem in endemic areas as well as in our country. There is a wide spectrum of therapeutic modalities ranging from simple medical treatment to radical liver resection. Progress in laparoscopic procedures made it possible to consider laparoscopic approaches in selected patients with hepatic hydatid disease.(More)
Incisional hernia is a frequent complication of abdominal surgery developing in 11–20 % of patients undergoing an abdominal operation. Regarding morbidity and loss of manpower, incisional hernias continue to be a fundamental problem for surgeons. In this experimental study, three commonly used mesh materials (Goretex PTFE; Tutoplast Fascia lata; Tutopatch(More)
In the present study, we aim to share our clinical experience in patients with spontaneous splenic rupture. Splenic rupture without trauma is known as spontaneous splenic rupture. The major problems in the management of spontaneous splenic rupture are missed or delayed diagnosis due to the lack of trauma in most cases. The records of all patients, who were(More)
AIM Notwithstanding the significant advantages compared to open surgery, laparoscopic surgery was considered to be contraindicated in pregnant patients. Currently, there are opposing views on the safety of laparoscopic surgery during pregnancy, especially in last trimester. The aim of this study was to examine feasibility of laparoscopic surgery in pregnant(More)
Die Echinokokkose ist eine parasitäre Krankheit, die am häufigsten in der Leber lokalisiert ist, sie wird in manchen Ländern als eine endemische Krankheit betrachtet. Ihre Diagnose beruht auf radiologischen und serologischen Befunden. Obwohl das konservative therapeutische Vorgehen bei dieser Erkrankung Erfolg versprechend sein kann, so ist das Verfahren(More)
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