Ertuğrul H. Aydemir

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BACKGROUND Primary (idiopathic) hyperhidrosis is a benign disease of unknown etiology, leading to the disruption of professional and social life and emotional problems. A variety of treatment methods have been used to control or reduce the profuse sweating. In this study, we report the efficacy of direct current (d.c.) administration in the treatment of(More)
BACKGROUND   Scientific productivity is closely related to gross income, population, and cultures of the countries. Every country, more or less, has a responsibility of contributing to science. MATERIALS AND METHODS The publications, citations received, and the h-index under the category of "dermatology" in 43 journals between the years of 1999-2003 and(More)
The blue rubber bleb nevus syndrome (BRBNS) is a rare vascular malformation syndrome with cutaneous and visceral lesions frequently associated with serious, even fatal bleeding. No systemic therapy is currently available. We report here a case with disseminated skin and gastrointestinal venous malformations and findings of disseminated intravascular(More)
BACKGROUND The Koebner phenomenon is defined as 'the development of psoriasis at sites of traumatized skin'. The 'all-or-none principle' means that, if psoriasis occurs in one area of injury, all injured areas develop psoriasis or vice versa. The aim is to demonstrate the concordance of patients with the all-or-none principle when a standard method of(More)
BACKGROUND The treatment of viral warts remains challenging. A variety of treatment modalities have been used with a range of success. Fluorouracil has been shown to be effective in treating warts but the method of its delivery directly onto the affected tissue has been of little efficacy. We evaluated the safety and efficacy of intralesional 5-fluorouracil(More)
Dermatitis artefacta is a rare psychiatric condition characterized by rubbing of skin blisters and denial of self-infliction. Dissociation may be comorbid with self-injurious behavior. A background of emotional disturbances during formative years and in later life often results in feelings of isolation and insecurity, which can lead to dissociation as a(More)
AIM To determine the quantitative effect and technique of use of the anodal current for the treatment of palmoplantar hyperhidrosis on local areas of the palms and soles. METHODS Twelve patients (four males and eight females) with idiopathic palmoplantar hyperhidrosis were enrolled in this study. Having determined the initial sweat intensities of both(More)