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During the gross anatomy dissection of the submandibular region, both anterior bellies of the digastric muscles, especially the left one, were found to be enlarged. They were arranged as two parallel asymmetric bands extending from the hyoid bone to the chin. The posterior bellies of the digastric muscles were normal. The suprahyoid muscles showed no(More)
In the course of an anatomical dissection at the School of Medicine, a variant form of the palmaris longus muscle was found on the right side; the fellow muscle of the left side being normal. The palmaris longus concerned was found to arise by fleshy fibers from the common tendon for the flexores antebrachii muscles to be divided into a lateral and a medial(More)
It has long been known that the pupillomotor fibers have a localized course in the dorsomedial periphery through the subarachnoid portion of the oculomotor nerve. However we do not have detailed knowledge about the organization of the fibers innervating individual extraocular muscles. This subject is of clinical importance for locating the site of lesions(More)
BACKGROUND Soluble CD200 (sCD200) is a novel immuno-effective molecule, which acts to regulate inflammatory and acquired immune responses. Recently, our study group showed that sCD200 was present in serum and blister fluid in a patient with bullous pemphigoid and a patient with toxic epidermal necrolysis. We therefore planned this study to evaluate the(More)
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