Ersin Erdoğan

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OBJECTIVE ADC calculation can improve the diagnostic efficacy of MR imaging in brain tumor grading and differentiation. METHODS Apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) values and ratios of 33 low-grade (23 astrocytomas, 10 oligodendrogliomas) and 40 high-grade (25 metastases and 15 high-grade astrocytomas) malignant tumors were prospectively evaluated. (More)
AIM There have been several treatment modalities to reduce the volume of the syringomyelic cavity and the pressure on the brainstem in Chiari Malformation Type I (CM-I). Foramen magnum decompression with and without duroplasty were compared in this retrospective study. MATERIAL AND METHODS From 2003 to 2006, 27 patients suffering from CMI were operated on(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to analyze the effect of a surgical management protocol and other important clinical features on the prognosis of patients who had penetrating orbitocranial gunshot injuries. METHODS Thirty-five patients (30 unilateral, 5 bilateral) who had penetrating orbitocranial gunshot injuries were analyzed. The wounds were(More)
BACKGROUND Although many experimental and clinical studies were performed on the pathophysiology and treatment of spinal cord injury (SCI), the electrophysiological and ultrastructural changes of the spinal cord were not precisely evaluated. AIMS To investigate the effect of mannitol on Somatosensory Evoked Potentials (SSEP), postoperative neurological(More)
Intracranial hydatid cysts, although still rare, are being seen with increasing frequency. We report 12 cases of intracerebral hydatid cysts diagnosed with the use of computed tomography. We also review the methods recently available for diagnosis and therapy of this disease. Excellent therapeutic results can be achieved through surgical removal of the(More)
AIM Although surgery is the most effective means of eliminating or reducing seizures in cases of medically refractory epilepsy, the expected or unexpected surgical complications must also be kept in mind in order not to decrease patients' quality of life. The aim of this present study was to assess the surgical complications of temporal lobe epilepsy(More)
Intracerebral and intramedullary schwannomas are uncommon; but, in general, spinal intramedullary schwannomas are more frequent than intracerebral schwanomas. We present a case of right lateral ventricle schwannoma in a 21-year-old man and review the associated literature. The 21-year-old right-handed man presented with loss of the left-eye vision(More)
The most common vascular anomaly associated with a developmental venous anomaly (DVA) is a cavernous malformation. A cerebral DVA is a rare vascular malformation of the brain when it is associated with a varix. The authors report on a 13-year-old girl who presented with 2 brief episodes of nonresponsiveness that mimicked absence seizures. The computed(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of cranioplasty is not only cosmetic repair but also neurological improvement. The effect of cranioplasty on the cerebral hemodynamics flow has not been investigated by ultrasonographic techniques. AIMS To investigate changes of cerebral hemodynamics after cranioplasty in patients with cranial defect using transcranial Doppler(More)