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Nanosystems operating in liquid media may suffer from random Brownian motion due to thermal fluctuations. Biomolecular motors exploit these random fluctuations to generate a controllable directed movement. Inspired by nature, we proposed and realized a nano-system based on Brownian motion of nanobeads for linear transport in microfluidic channels. The(More)
We report on fabrication and experimental characterization of a linear Brownian motor with a periodic 3-phase electrostatic rectification for unidirectional transport of nanobeads in microfluidic channels. The transport of the beads is performed in 1 µm deep, 2 µm wide PDMS microchannels, which constrain three-dimensional random motion of nanobeads into 1D(More)
This paper reports for the first time on net-unidirectional transport of nanobeads by Brownian motion using a periodic 3-phase electrostatic rectification. The transportation of beads is performed in 1 µm deep, 2 or 3 µm wide PDMS microchannels, which constrain three dimensional random motion of nanobeads into 1D fluctuation, so-called tamed Brownian(More)
This paper presents an effective way to obtain rotational motion of an encapsulated silicon nanoneedle in an appropriate cylindrical PDMS chamber containing liquid and to provide control over its Brownian motion by an external non-uniform AC electric field. 1. INTRODUCTION Producing a net-unidirectional rotation from Brownian motion of a nanoneedle by(More)
Linear Brownian motors utilize relatively weak electric fields to bias the diffusion of particles in a microfluidic channel thereby harnessing Brownian motion to facilitate particle transport. We present a custom simulator for such a system and use it to optimize transport by modifying the electrode configuration and rectification scheme. With insight(More)
We propose a highly wearable, upper-arm type, oscillometric-based blood pressure monitoring technology with low-stress. The low-stress is realized by new developments in the hardware and software design. In the hardware design, conventional armband; cuff, is almost halved in volume thanks to a flexible plastic core and a liquid bag which enhances the(More)
This paper presents the rotation of a silicon nanoneedle fueled by Brownian motion which may lead to a new class of thermo-mechanical nano-motors. A nanoneedle with a magnetic bead at one end is immobilized at the end by a permanent magnet in the water and its rotational Brownian motion is observed. DRIE of a silicon substrate with magnetic nanobeads as the(More)
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