Ersilia De Lorenzi

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This study compares the characteristics of 492 patients discharged against medical advice from the Istituto Dermopatico dell'Immacolata, a Research Hospital (335 beds) in Rome specialized in Dermatology, Vascular Surgery and Plastic Surgery between 1995 and 1998, with those of 43,110 control patients discharged with physicians' approval according to a(More)
Delusion of skin-parasitosis is a very characteristic disorder, and it can appear as an independent syndrome or as a concomitant phenomenon of other psychiatric illnesses. Like most delusional formations it can also be induced and appear as a symbiontic psychosis; the involutional age seems to be an essential precondition for this psychopathological(More)
Microchips for rapid mixing of two aqueous streams have been produced using CaF2 wafers and SU-8 microstructuring technology and tested at the IR beamline of Bessy II in Berlin, Germany. Advantage of the synchrotron radiation over thermal globar sources for measuring at sample spots close to the diffraction limit of the employed mid-IR radiation have been(More)
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