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INTRODUCTION Preeclampsia is the main cause of maternal morbidity and mortality at Indonesia. In 2010, 228 maternal deaths occur in 100,000 live birth. Ulin Hospital, Banjarmasin, a tertiary care hospital has high prevalence of preeclampsia and eclampsia (22%). Vascular angiogenesis has a role on pathogenesis of preeclampsia, including angiogenic factor and(More)
INTRODUCTION Earlier report show different maternal hemodynamic and uterine artery profile at early gestational ages between pregnant women that will develop Early-onset and Late onset Preeclampsia (PE) later. OBJECTIVES The aim of this study is to compare maternal hemodynamic (Cardiac Output, Total Peripheral Vascular Resistance) and Uterine Perfusion(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze risk factors, obstetric outcome and the need for mechanical ventilation in preeclampsia complicated by pulmonary edema. MATERIALS AND METHODS Case-control study using medical record on preeclampsia complicated by pulmonary edema patients in East Java tertiary referral hospital over 2 years. A simple scoring system was developed to(More)
AIM To discover the potential role of recombinant VEGF121 (rVEGF121) injection for the prevention of fetal growth restriction in a preeclampsia (PE) mouse model (Mus musculus). SUBJECTS AND METHODS This is an experimental study of 30 pregnant mice that were randomly divided into three groups: normal, PE, and PE with rVEGF121 injection. The PE mouse model(More)
INTRODUCTION Maternal Mortality Rate in Indonesia is still high, around 230/100,000 live birth in 2005. Eclampsia is the second most cause of maternal death (about 13%). We have a very high prevalence of eclampsia in our center (Surabaya) about 1.08% of all delivery. One of our main problem about eclampsia case is multiple referral hospital system, because(More)
Pulmonary edema is among the least frequently diagnosed criteria for severe pre-eclampsia. A higher incidence of pulmonary edema was noted in older patients, multigravidas, and patients with underlying chronic hypertension that developed prior to delivery. The development of pulmonary edema was also associated with the administration of excess colloid or(More)
INTRODUCTION By slow decrease of Indonesia's 2010 highly maternal mortality rate (MMR) as 228/100,000 births mostly estimated to be out reach toward 2014 MDG target achievement of 118/100,000 births, even maternal deaths are notoriously under reported, possibly at least by as much as quarter. The population of Indonesia according to the 2010 national census(More)
INTRODUCTION Preeclampsia Morbidity and Mortality is still high because of unknown etiology and pathogenesis. One of the theory about pathogenesis of preeclampsia in developing country is infections. Periodontitis is found in 10-60% preeclampsia cases in our center. So we held this research to evaluate the association between preeclampsia, periodontal(More)