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Immunoscintigraphy performed after intravenous administration of indium-111-labeled CYT-103, an immunoconjugate of monoclonal antibody B72.3, was evaluated in patients with suspected primary or recurrent colorectal cancer at 25 centers in the United States. Gamma camera imaging, computed tomography (CT), and confirmatory surgical exploration were completed(More)
One hundred and eleven previously untreated patients with extensive small cell lung cancer were included in a prospective randomized study with the aim to assess the efficacy and tolerance of high-dose epirubicin (120 mg/m2) in combination with either cyclophosphamide (800 mg/m2; arm 1) or cisplatin (60 mg/m2; arm 2). Ninety-six patients were evaluable for(More)
Iron deficiency may develop in hemodialysis patients, especially when erythropoietin is given. The role of iron deficiency in the anemia of predialysis chronic renal failure (CRF), however, is much less clear. We have intravenously (IV) administered iron as ferric saccharate in a total dose of 200 mg elemental iron monthly for 5 months to 33 CRF patients(More)
PURPOSE The colonic J-pouch technique of reconstruction optimizes functional outcome after proctectomy with coloanal anastomosis. However, the impact of adjuvant chemoradiation therapy on pouch function in rectal cancer patients has not been investigated. METHODS From January 1994 to December 1999, 74 patients with midrectal or low rectal tumors (less(More)
In the present prospective study we examined the long-term effect of intravenous supplementation with ferric saccharate (IV Fe) in the treatment of the anemia of chronic dialysis patients. All patients, 64 on chronic hemodialysis (HD) and 9 on chronic ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD), were treated intravenously with this preparation in a dose of 100 mg(More)
BACKGROUND Rats with chronic renal failure have a low nitric oxide (NO) production and a diminished NO excretion. The supplementation of L-arginine has an inhibitory effect on the progression of renal insufficiency. METHODS The present study was designed to determine whether chronic renal failure patients have a low NO production. Plasma and urine nitrate(More)
We conducted a phase II trial with 5'-deoxy-5-fluoridine (doxifluridine) in advanced squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck. The drug was given at the dose of 4 g/m2 daily X 5 every 3 weeks. Twenty eligible patients entered this trial, 12 being evaluable for response to doxifluridine. The majority of these patients received previous treatment for(More)
HYPOTHESIS Pelvic irradiation adversely affects anal sphincter function after proctectomy with coloanal anastomosis for low rectal and middle rectal (<10 cm from the anal verge) tumors. DESIGN Case-control study. SETTING Private, tertiary care referral center. PATIENTS Patients treated for low rectal adenocarcinoma between January 1, 1994, and October(More)