Errington C. Thompson

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The purpose of this study was to evaluate the reliability of three separate isometric strength testing devices. Seventeen (10 female, 7 male) adult volunteers with no known shoulder dysfunction participated. Each subject's internal rotation, external rotation and abduction strength was measured with the Nicholas Manual Muscle Tester (MMT), Biodex Isokinetic(More)
The Couinaud technique of left hepatic lobectomy involves the isolation and division of portal vein, hepatic artery, and biliary tributaries as a unit within the liver parenchyma. It saves time and minimizes blood loss by virtue of the common investment of the portal structures in a thick connective tissue sheath. Right hepatic lobectomy can be performed in(More)
HYPOTHESIS The use of passenger compartment safety measures has not led to decreases in pediatric morbidity or mortality in our population of patients. DESIGN Retrospective review. SETTING University, tertiary care, level I trauma center. PATIENTS All patients admitted to the Trauma Center at Louisiana State University Health Science Center School of(More)
The causes of gastrointestinal hemorrhage in children were detailed in 1964 by Spencer. We investigated the causes of gastrointestinal hemorrhage in 165 children seen at our institution over a 13-year period. The most common causes of gastrointestinal hemorrhage in the hospitalized patients were necrotizing enterocolitis (44%), anal fissures (23%), and(More)
A 38-year-old, morbidly obese woman underwent surgery for debridement of necrotizing fasciitis of the abdominal wall. A pulmonary artery catheter was placed because of increasing fluid requirements. Despite multiple debridements and fluid resuscitation, the patient exhibited severe systemic inflammatory response. It was discovered that fluid placed in the(More)
Since the Vietnam War experience we have known that there is a high association between knee dislocations and popliteal artery injuries. In an effort to improve the quality of care we asked whether every patient with a knee dislocation needs an arteriogram. This is a retrospective chart review of all injured patients who presented to Louisiana State(More)
Physicians and other advanced medical personnel commonly perform subclavian vein cannulation. Success depends on adequate knowledge of the anatomy. With this knowledge subclavian vein cannulation can be performed with low complication rates. The manuscript reviews the anatomy and the literature of subclavian vein cannulation.
In the postantibiotic era, systemic complications from a gonococcal infection are rare. Females tend to have a higher frequency of gonococcal sepsis than males. In contrast, males have a higher rate of gonococcal endocarditis. This article describes a case of a previously healthy young male who presented with aortic insufficiency and blood cultures positive(More)