Errico Armandillo

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A high-efficiency diode-pumped Q-switched Nd:YAG oscillator designed for future spaceborne applications has been demonstrated and characterized. The laser is based on a side-pumped slab geometry and uses an unstable resonator with a radially variable-reflectivity output coupler. The laser provides an output pulse energy of 100 mJ at a 100-Hz repetition(More)
The single-pass/double-pass amplified spontaneous emission technique has been used to measure the net gain at 222.4 nm in a discharge-pumped UV-preionized KrCl laser. The net gain has been measured as a function of pump rate and total pressure in He- and Ne-based gas mixtures. A maximum net gain of 0.15 cm(-1) has been obtained in a 0.09% HC1/10.1% Kr/1.5%(More)
The influence of beam divergence on second-order grating dispersion terms is found and discussed. It is shown that divergence in the plane normal to the plane of incidence sets the lowest limit of the achievable linewidth. By using a double-grating configuration to achieve both spectral narrowing and tuning, one can obtain a laser line width down to(More)
We describe a novel apoditic filter characterized by a near-Gaussian transmission function and capable of operating in high-power lasers. By using this filter within the telescopic cavity of a XeCl laser we have obtained a laser output beam with a near-Gaussian intensity distribution. The achieved beam size is comparable with and the beam quality is(More)
Understanding the altitude distribution of particle precipitation forcing is vital for the assessment of its atmospheric and climate impacts. However, the proportion of electron and proton forcing around the mesopause region during solar proton events is not always clear due to uncertainties in satellite-based flux observations. Here we use electron(More)
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