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Using a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel, single-dose, single-center, 6-hour study, we compared the analgesic response and tolerability of oral ketorolac tromethamine and intramuscular morphine sulfate and placebo. The study group comprised 176 patients with moderate, severe, or very severe pain after hip or knee surgery at a teaching(More)
A double-blind, randomized study was conducted to compare the effects of intramuscular ketorolac tromethamine and meperidine hydrochloride, and subsequent oral pain medication, on health care utilization and postoperative recovery. Following abdominal hysterectomy or cholecystectomy, 210 patients (aged 18 to 70 years; 189 women, 21 men) were randomly(More)
Specific inhibition of histone deacetylase 8 (HDAC8) has been suggested as a promising option for the treatment of neuroblastoma and T-cell malignancies. A novel class of highly potent and selective HDAC8 inhibitors with a pyrimido[1,2-c][1,3]benzothiazin-6-imine scaffold was studied that is completely different from the traditional concept of HDAC(More)
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